A Quintessential Chapel Hill Wedding

The July 11, 2009 wedding of Elizabeth Runge to Charles Blyth had the best that quaint Chapel Hill, North Carolina has to offer. The ceremony was at one of the grand churches in the heart of downtown, and the reception was at The Carolina Club, a stone’s throw away from Kenan Stadium on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus.

But better than the location and the nice weather were the love and attention Charles and Elizabeth showed to each other. I had already noticed this when I did their engagement portrait back in April. But, Charles father brought it up again during his best man toast. He said that when they first started dating they were constantly sneaking off to the side to give each other a quick kiss. He thought this was just preliminary infatuation that would fade with time. But he said as he watched their relationship grow and blossom they were continuing to be very present and quiet with each other whenever they had a chance. I saw this all throughout their wedding day.

You can see a SLIDESHOW of the best images of their wedding day, set to their first dance song. Or, you can view a GALLERY of both the best images and a larger edit as well.

By, the way, you will be blown away by their first dance. I am wishing you many more years of dancing and affection!
This is another one of my panoramas– essentially about 6 to 10 images “sewn” together in Photoshop.
Elizabeth, ready and waiting to start the day in the parlor at University United Methodist Church.
Yet another couple who chose to see each other before the wedding in order to get their portraits done. I am starting to think folks also choose to do this so they feel more relaxed for the ceremony.
My assistant, Sophia Harcourt, used her macro lens to get this great shot.
You gotta love those balcony shots. Another panorama.
After the wedding we did a few more portraits and then we were off to the Carolina Club. They immediately did their first dance. I have seen some incredible first dances this year. I believe this was the most impressive. Looks like they really enjoyed it too, as Charles sang along with Frank Sinatra.
Chest bump!
That is Elizabeth’s maid of honor in the foreground. I love it when people are just tuned into what they are doing and I am able to get some wonderful, honest photos.

After I sent a preview of the slideshow to Elizabeth I heard this back:


The pictures look beautiful! You did a great job catching some special moments that happened throughout the day. Thank you so much and I can’t wait to see the rest!

The layout for their final product, a KPO Signature Album is ON-LINE.
This is what Elizabeth had to say about her album,

The photo album was perfect. It turned out really beautiful and is such a high-quality album. Thank you so much for everything and I can’t wait to show it off!