KPO Photo Family Stories | An Exhibit

From March through August 2012 I have a photography show of some of my favorite Family Story images up at The Red Hen at University Mall in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. This was such a challenge for me to choose favorites from the first ten years of KPO Photo! I am usually so busy shooting that I don’t have much time to look back. For this show I sat down and really looked over a decade of images I had taken of many, many families. It was so hard to choose but, here they are:

family photographer
On the large wall I printed four vertical images. Janet Buehler is pregnant underneath the peach tree in my garden, Genevee Luck is pretty in purple in front of the asters that bloom in October.
family portrait photograher
On the left is Eleanor Bellamy getting a senior portrait at the studio and the Kennedy family goofing around during their family portrait at their family home.

Also on the big wall I printed my three favorites from the first year of Henry Black. His parents, Barbara Puccio and Chris Black are dear friends and I think they made one of the best babies ever.
newborn photographer
Henry at one-week-old.
baby photographer
Henry at six-months-old.
maternity photographer
The whole family when Henry was almost one.

Then, on the smaller wall I put 12 photos of the Sato Family, following their journey from their wedding day to now being parents to two wonderful children. Here are some of my favorites. You can see more at The Red Hen.
senior portrait photographer
Finally at the front of the store I put four more favorites.
maternity portraits
Jen Neitzel and her boys on the left and Aaron Ramesh and his dog on the right.
family portraits
The Chandler girls.
commercial photographer
Sasha and her giraffe!

We are offering a fun raffle, too. If you visit The Red Hen there is a vase by the cash register. Just fill out your name and email address to win a FREE KPO Photo Story! I am picking one name each month. The April winner is Kerri Williamson. Thanks for visiting the show if you already have. And a special thank you to all the families pictured above. I love watching you all grow and change throughout the years.

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