Photography Quick Course


I love to teach others about photography! Recently I taught week-long course at Woods Charter School. Below is a video of what the kids and I worked on. We had 12 9 - 14-year-olds who were so much fun to teach. camp from Kristin Prelipp on Vimeo.   DAY ONE INSTRUCTION MATERIALS Introduction to Photography Nowadays everybody is a photographer because nearly everyone has a cell phone … [Read more...]

How to Photograph Flowers


Flowers are such a source of inspiration to me. It is in my blood and upbringing as my parents and all siblings but one are absolutely crazy about gardening.  They throw around both the common and latin names for plants as if it is nothing. Growing up in chilly Green Bay, WI the growing season was short but my mother made the most of it. In the evening she and my dad would stroll around the yard … [Read more...]

How to Photograph Large Groups


It can be quite daunting to accurately capture a photograph of a large group. By large group I mean more than five and all the way up to several hundred. When I have been asked to do this I always make sure that someone other than myself is coordinating getting everyone to the right place at the appointed time. All the photographer should be thinking about is how the heck they are going to pull … [Read more...]

How to Photomerge


By Kristin Prelipp When I first started photographing seriously in the late 1980’s I was shooting film. I had a 35mm camera and a medium format, twin lens reflex Yashicamat camera. The medium format film was very attractive to me because the print quality from such a large negative was amazing, when compared to little, old 35mm. Also, the larger cameras were so clunky and difficult to use, that … [Read more...]

Photographing Large Families


I come from a large family and I now have a large family. It is lovely chaos and I wouldn't trade it for anything, but large groups of children and adults can be a challenge to photograph. Recently I had the opportunity to photograph a few such groupings. When planning a photo session for a large family there are a few things to consider: What to wear? Which location? What time of the day is best? … [Read more...]

Lawyers in Love | Wedding Story


Emily Day and Eric Iverson both attended Wake Forest but did not actually know each other until their senior year when a mutual friend introduced them. Their friend knew that they were both going to be attending UNC Law School the following year and thought it might be nice if they met. What a good friend! Emily and Eric were best friends all throughout the three busy, challenging years of law … [Read more...]

Entrepreneurial Cereal

commercial photographer

Hajo Engelke is an entrepreneur who started a great company called of Custom Choice Cereal. Customers can create their individual cereal from a variety of entirely gluten-free ingredients. I had the good fortune of photographing him today on behalf of the Carolina Entrepreneurial Initiative. The Carolina Entrepreneurial Initiative (CEI)  is all about entrepreneurial spirit. It is an $11 million … [Read more...]

Black & White Photo Challenge


There is a meme circulating on FACEBOOK in which you can challenge a fellow photographer with posting seven days of black and white images. Katie Cannon, a friend from photojournalism school at UNC-Chapel Hill,  nominated me. I decided to do a little photo story of our life with five kids at the holidays. Never a dull moment! BLACK & WHITE PHOTO CHALLENGE, DAY 1. This was yesterday at … [Read more...]

Spring Gardening


Some gardeners know how to gently coax life out of even the most delicate plant. They study the soil, the available light, a plant's specific needs and even give plant food and sprays to keep their plants healthy. My kind of gardening would be opposite of that. It could be called survival of the fittest gardening! I love my plants but once they are in and established, they either need to thrive or … [Read more...]

Amazing Women

magazine editorial portrait photographer

I recently completed a ten-week stint doing photography for Chapel Hill and Durham Magazines. I photographed 60 different assignments and met or reconnected with so many wonderful people! My favorite part of it was getting to make portraits of women for the two women's issues. I photographed over 20 area women from all walks of life. Here are my favorites from each session. It was so difficult to … [Read more...]