Great Idea for Head Shots

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Recently I worked with a new company called, Eco-Site. They have a lot of great ideas! Their business takes blighted urban and rural areas and turns them into rehabilitated spaces that create a revenue stream for the communities in which they are located. Nice, huh? So, when they called to say they needed photos of their team for their web site, we decided that a solid, white backdrop would be … [Read more...]

The People Behind the Curtain at Carolina Performing Arts

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This year I am photographing the Carolina Performing Arts as they celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Rite of Spring, which took place on May 29th, 1913 in Paris. They are many important parts to this photo story- the artists, the work itself, the hours of rehearsal, the venerable Memorial Hall, and the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. But none of this art would be … [Read more...]

Spring Gardening

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By Kristin Prelipp Oguntoyinbo Chapel Hill, North Carolina Some gardeners know how to gently coax life out of even the most delicate plant. They study the soil, the available light, a plant's specific needs and even give plant food and sprays to keep their plants healthy. My kind of gardening would be opposite of that. It could be called survival of the fittest gardening! I love my plants … [Read more...]

Anatomy of a Headshot

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One of the best things about being in business for a long time is getting to photograph clients multiple times. It always feels like seeing an old friend. I love catching up! I had last photographed Tatyana Stewart Feeney when I shot her wedding back in 2001 at La Rez in Chapel Hill. After the wedding she moved to Ireland with her husband, Niall. They have two children and almost always make their … [Read more...]

A Rose for Rose

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My favorite camera store, Southeastern Camera, is located right across the street from my office. So convenient! Dennis and Chris and the other wonderful folks who work there get many phone calls from people looking for a photographer. That is how I met Rose Etheridge. She is a researcher living in Chapel Hill who has been meaning to get a head shot for quite some time now. Everyone needs one! She … [Read more...]