KPO’s Story

As of July 1, 2017 KPO Photo is not accepting photography commissions. 
My name is Kristin Prelipp and I founded KPO Photo in 2001 to create images that tell stories. I photograph weddings, families, photo stories and also create images for businesses and organizations in the Triangle area of North Carolina.


To learn more about my work please check out my 365 daily photo project called, “Digging for Gold.” Enjoy!
365 Photo-a-Day Project is done! from Kristin Oguntoyinbo on Vimeo.

For those of you who enjoy reading and want the whole story, this is my full biography.

My name is Kristin Prelipp (Oguntoyinbo). Photography is my calling. I see myself as an observer who is looking for and photographing the beauty I see in this world. I know that nowadays anybody can be a photographer. We all have camera phones, don’t we? So why hire a professional? Put simply, you are hiring me to look at your unique story and record what I see. I look for and find the beauty in your story and I have spent a lifetime learning to capture those images well. I have a way of relating to my subjects that puts them at ease. I am quiet and patient and kind and I am always grateful for the chance to take someone’s photo. You are asking me to be your witness and to create an image that may live on after you are gone. That image may one day hang on the wall in your grandchildren’s house when they are grandparents themselves. It will become a part of your family. I mean it to be a chronicle and an heirloom.

I began my life as an observer with a camera back at Myers Park High School in Charlotte, North Carolina, under the legendary teacher Byron Baldwin. I graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in 1996 with a degree in photojournalism and Spanish. I photographed for The Wilmington Star-News, The Chapel Hill News and The (Raleigh) News & Observer to cut my teeth and hone my craft. In 2001 I founded KPO Photo. I partnered with some talented photographers in the area and we shot weddings, lots of weddings. To date, we have photographed close to 500 ceremonies. Our motto was We Are Storytellers with a Camera because I see each wedding as its own unique story. In addition to serving as a narrative, I wanted our photos to capture the beauty of your story. The first five years of KPO Photo were exclusively focused on shooting wedding stories. Then our great clients began having children and asked me to continue being their witness. I also began photographing a lot of businesses and organizations in the area. Now, I work with my favorite second shooter, Sarah Van Heusen, who has been with KPO Photo since the beginning, to shoot photos for businesses, organizations, families, and, of course, engaged couples who are looking for that perfect image to capture their wedding story. When asked to photograph on location I will ask you a lot of questions about who you are and what you want to say with your photographs. When folks come to my studio, they bring parts of their stories to me. That often includes bringing in pets, favorite hats, costumes, cute babies, musical instruments, or whatever they love! Second to my love of photography is a love of gardening and nature. My home studio is set on 5 acres in pastoral Orange County, North Carolina, where there are always things in bloom and beautiful paths to wander. Our chickens often serve as our special welcoming committee. Most children that come for a portrait leave thinking they have been on a playdate. We are located very close to Maple View Ice Cream, so you may end up there afterwards. I live here with my husband and our five children. Thanks for reading my story. I look forward to helping you tell yours!