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There was never any question in my mind I would become a photographer. But it is an art as well as a craft, and creativity is something that must be nurtured . My whole adult life I have been lucky to work with wonderful clients who ask me to photograph for them on a regular basis. I shoot thousands of images, edit out the final product for my clients and then archive the photos, usually never to be seen again. In an effort to nurture creativity and to love what I do, I am beginning a photo-a-day project starting today, my 41st birthday. My 365 project is going to be two-fold. I will either dig through my archives for a lost gem of an image or shoot something just for the love of photography and life. I will include the pertinent photo geek information and a short cutline with each image. I am excited to see where this next year will take me! And with that, Happy Birthday to me!

You may see the whole project as it unfolds, HERE.


Documentary Photographer

Photo Geek Info: 50mm macro lens at ISO 640. It was 200th of a second at f/5.
The Story: The date was April 13, 2014. It was a quiet Sunday night at home and I was working in the yard. I noticed a hummingbird in the garage. The little guy could not find his way out and was just sitting on the ground exhausted. I scooped him up, set him down on our bird bath and cleaned all the many cob webs off of him. Leo helped me to put a little branch underneath him and feed him some sugar water. He was back flying around in no time.


Photo Geek Info: 35-70 lens at focal length 55mm, ISO 320 at 0.6 second at f/2.8.
The Story: Last night there was a blood moon eclipse that would have been visible had it not rained all night. This is something I would have gladly stayed up late to witness and photograph. Alas it was not to be. So I chose a photo today that I took on June 15, 2011 at Ocean Isle, NC. On this particular night there was also a total lunar eclipse. We watched it from my brother’s dock and it was an amazing show.

lifestyle photographer
Photo Geek Info: 50mm macro lens, ISO 500, 1/160 at f/7.1.
The Story: Even though it is already April 16th, we had a hard freeze last night. It made me worry about our dogwood trees and other plants that are already blooming. This photo was taken on March 18, 2014 when we experienced an ice storm that covered the whole area in ice and knocked out power for days. The coating of ice did not seem to bother the dogwood buds at all. Tall, top-heavy pine trees, however, did not fare so well.


nature photographer

Photo Geek Info: 50mm macro lens, ISO 800, 1/125 at f/5.6
The Story: I took a photo of the same dogwood three weeks later, on April 6, 2014. Not only did the ice storm not bother the bud, it seemed to be extraordinarily healthy.


Travel photographer
Photo Geek Info: This was taken back in my film days. I was shooting Ilford 400 black and white 120mm film in a twin lens reflex camera called a Yashicamat.
The Story: My family is getting together this weekend for my dad’s 70th birthday so it made me think of trips we have taken together. Back in 1996 I spent a month or so in Slovenija and Croatia. This is Predjamske Grad, which is is near the village of Vipava in Slovenija. The castle’s most famous inhabitant was a rebellious knight named Erazem. He rebelled against an Austrian emperor and holed up in this seemingly impenetrable castle while under siege. For a year and a day he was able to survive, to the dismay of his adversaries who assumed he would eventually run out of supplies. It turns out there was a secret passage to the castle through the mountain where he was getting a steady stream of cherries and wine- what else do you need, really? His end came when the Austrian soldiers eventually figured out where the outhouse was and were able to launch a cannonball there while he was doing his business. What a way to go.


raleigh photographer
Photo Geek Info: I was shooting Ilford 400 black and white 120mm film in a twin lens reflex camera called a Yashicamat.
The Story: Back in 1996 my family and I went to Folly Beach, SC for a vacation. Early one morning I forced my sister and sister-in-law to get up really early and drive into Charleston. My goal was to find great early morning light and take a cool photo and their goal was to go shopping all day. We happened to drive past a field of buildings, formerly used as slave quarters. The sheets were part of an art installation.


family photographer
Photo Geek Info: 16-35mm lens at 16mm. ISO 400, 1/100 at f/3.5
The Story: My dad, Stephen Prelipp, was born on Easter Sunday 70 years ago. All my siblings, their partners and the 9 grandkids gathered at my parent’s house in Chapel Hill, NC last night for an amazing meal and hours of fun. As we sat around the bonfire dad apparently thought the Easter bunny needed a little red wine to get ready for his busy schedule today. Love you dad!!!

The rest of this fun project can be seen HERE.

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Love! | Family Story

I would love it if you all shared the love and went to the KPO Photo Facebook page. While you are there, please, “like” KPO PHOTO, if you haven’t already. But even more fun, vote for your favorite image from our Fall Special. The photo with the most “likes” wins an 8 x 10 print. See a slideshow of the best images below. Thanks so much!!!

I know that everybody has a lot going on this time of year so I hate to put another deadline on you, but…all orders must be placed by December 7, 2013. That way I can be totally sure that you receive it well in advance of the holidays. You may place your order through your on-line PHOTO GALLERY.

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The 2013 KPO Photo Fall Special is Nigh!

portrait photographer durham
SORRY, THE 2013 FALL SPECIAL IS FULL! I am so pleased to announce the date of the KPO Photo Fall Special! I look forward to seeing you all on November 9, 2013! To reserve your slot please SIGN UP ON-LINE.
fall family special photographer

In the Fall of 2013 I will be hosting the annual day of KPO Fall Mini Sessions. The date is November 9, 2013. The fee is $50. You will be photographed at the KPO Photo Studio in Hillsborough, NC where we can use both the portrait studio and garden venues. These half hour sessions are perfect for getting a great image for your holiday card. The fee includes a web gallery of your images.

To reserve your slot please SIGN UP ON-LINE.

We also have a few regular Family Story slots left if 11/9/13 is not convenient for you.


Every year you all help me to choose a winner amongst those who attend the Fall Special. The winner receives an 8 x 10 as a gift. Here are the past few winners. I can’t wait to see what we come up with this Fall!

family portrait photographer hillsborough north carolina

Henry and his digger.

portrait photography chapel hill

The Bakelaar family, whose parents wedding I photographed many moons ago.

pet photographer chapel hill north carolina
Maria and Frodo, the dog.

family photographer raleigh north carolina
Genevee in front of the asters.

I have created a calendar so you may pick the date that works best for you. In general I photograph Family Stories on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I can start as early as 9. I also try to clear at least two weekend slots per month. Please let me know your desired date in the COMMENTS section when you sign up so I can block it off for you.

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